What Makes K Martial Arts Different?

What Makes K Martial Arts Different?

What makes K Martial Arts different?

Hello everyone! I am Master Daniel. Here at K martial arts we focus on teaching Taekwondo as taught in Korea. We emphasize technique, speed, and the use of the Korean language. That's why we call it...

Real Taekwondo - Are you training the right way?

  • We follow Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo) standards. 
  • We practice both Traditional Style and Olympic Style
  • We encourage self-development through tough physical training and mental awareness. This isn't fighting, it's a way of life. 

We enforce the Tenets of Taekwondo: hard work, respect, discipline, focus, perseverance, obedience to parents, indomitable spirit and much more.

Certified Testing - Too many belts? Way too many tests?

  • It takes only 9 tests to receive a black belt. Roughly over a 2 year period.
  • Other schools have long, commercial programs that include too many tests to keep students enrolled and paying unnecessary testing fees. We don't charge you for a piece of colored tape!
  • We provide the correct number of belts and tests to achieve them.
  • We provide official Kukkiwon certification. (Worldwide Recognition)

Professional StaffIt's all fun but no curriculum?

  • Focused Masters and Instructors (at least 2 per class) make your child want to learn through newly created, daily curriculum, and intense practice. Each day has a theme: Kicking, Form, Sparring, Self Defense, etc.
  • Our well-planned curriculum develops all aspects of your child learning: focus, discipline, perseverance, fitness, goal setting, mental, and emotional growth.
  • No dodgeball or games (only conditioning exercises disguised as fun).
  • We believe in creating a great learning experience.

High-Quality Facility

  • Our beautiful designer School (Dojang) is well lit, spacious, and well equipped.
  • We use high-quality mats that are free of hazardous chemicals and are three times thicker than most schools. This means your legs work harder just standing on them.
  • We use resistance bands, hurdles, targets, shield targets, standing bags, and full sparring gear, that is the same equipment that Olympic athletes would use.


Affordable tuition

  • Our tuition is one of the things that people love about us. As we do not focus on commercial success, we are able to provide you with a high-quality education at a lower cost.
  • Our testing fees are minimal compared to other schools.
  • Our uniforms are very affordable. This allows you to buy 2 or more without worrying about the price.
  • Our gear is sold at almost no profit at all making it easily affordable for everyone. Tiny Tigers have the option of purchasing only head and chest protection at a lower cost.
  • We offer long term plans at a discount for those who are committed to the long run. however, we encourage you to try first to make sure your children love it (Which they certainly will).
  • We offer Family discounts. families can train together in our Family class. This makes it accessible for big families to still train together.

This and much more is what makes us different. As I like to say this is a school with a backbone and a heart. We know where we are going. We know what our vision for our students is. We believe in developing capable, compassionate leaders for the future who can defend themselves and others.

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